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 "Empowering You To Succeed "

Professional Consulting and Counseling


Life Coach/Counseling: Package rates depend on the total sessions selected and the length of each session. Typically clients receive life coaching for 2 hours a month, divided up into either (4) 30 minute sessions per month or (3) 40 minute sessions per month or (2) 50-60 minute sessions. Other options are available and listed below with a description of each package:


Self-Starter (1.5 hrs per month)

Ideal for clients who are on a tight budget, but want to invest in developing new, more positive thought patterns and begin to move their lives in a new, more positive direction.                                  


  • Private sessions with your personal coach

  • (2) 45 minute sessions

  • (2) Between-session email support

  • An initial 3-month commitment is required, and then we will transition to month-to-month for as long as you want.


Achiever (2 hrs per month)

Ideal for clients who are ready to set and attain larger goals, and who want to accelerate their momentum and maximize the results of the new, positive changes in their lives.


     Choose one:                                                 

     (4) 30 minute sessions, or

     (3) 40 minute sessions, or

     (2) 50-60 minute sessions


  • (3) Between-sessions email support

  • An initial 3-month commitment is required, and then we will transition to month-to-month for as long as you want.


Transformation (4 hrs per month)

Ideal for clients who desire to make amazing and long-lasting positive changes in their lives, and who want maximum return on their time and investment.


  • (4) 50 to 60 minute sessions

  • (3) 5 minute mini-sessions via telephone – share updates, ask questions and get immediate feedback, instead of having to wait until your next coaching session.


  • Unlimited between-sessions email support

  • An initial 3-month commitment is required, and then we will transition to month-to-month for as long as you want.


Note: Prepaid packages receive an extra 10% discount.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is ideal for clients who have a tight budget and/or prefer working with friends and family.  Experiencing coaching alongside a motivated friend or friends and family – is like having your own cheerleading team.  As you are coached, your friends and/or family will offer motivation, encouragement, and support to help you reflect and discover your greatest self.  Contact me if you want to experience the fun and joy of group coaching at a discounted rate.


Maintenance Coaching (1 hr per 3-month cycle)

Maintenance coaching, also known as "transitioning coaching" is for clients who have achieved their desired major goals, but want to ensure continued progress. This service offers a one-hour session per quarter, monthly email support, and additional benefits tailored to each client.



After coaching begins, I would greatly appreciate a testimonial and two referrals from you. Plus, if your referral begins coaching with me, you will each receive 15% off your rates during every month you are both being coached.


Coaching Satisfaction

Our communication will be honest, non-judgmental and based on trust. I want you to share with me what works well about your coaching experience and what does not. I am committed to serving you to the best of my ability, and ensuring that you get the most from your investment in time, energy and money.


There is no guarantee of the specific results you will get from coaching, but I am confident that you will be satisfied with the coaching process.  If at anytime you are not content with the direction of coaching, simply let me know.  Together we will work towards returning power to the coaching relationship and Empowering You to Succeed!



Life Coaching is a personal investment in yourself to create the life you truly desire.  To fully experience the value of coaching and to get the results you want, you have to be committed to the coaching process.  Most of the projects we’ll work on together will require a minimum of three months to complete.  So if you hire me as your Coach/Counselor, you’ll be making a commitment of at least three months to YOURSELF, not to me, and to the coaching/counseling process.  Note: A coaching/counseling month is four weeks (28 days).


Payments Accepted

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, checks, cash and debit cards.  Installment plans are available and accepted at the discretion of the Coach/Counselor. Services must be paid in full before coaching/counseling begins. 


I do not accept insurance at this time, but if your life coaching services are covered by insurance you will be given an invoice to submit to your insurance company.

Life Coaching

Dissertation Coaching



Tel: 774-318-9698

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