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Dissertation Frequently Asked Questions

How does dissertation coaching work? 

Coaching is generally conducted over the phone or via SKYPE, usually three or four times a month at the same time. Email coaching is also available. The client calls me at the specified time, and we discuss the progress since the last session and how to move forward. At the end of each session, we confirm a work plan for the next week.


Is it wrong to hire a coach? 

No, it's not wrong. All successful athletes have a coach to get them to peak performance and to challenge them to reach future goals. It's the same for all successful people; they are successful because they form a successful support system. If you want to complete your doctorate or Master's degree as quickly and efficiently as possible, hire a coach. A Dissertation Coach is a major part of your support system.


Coaching is about you doing the work and me motivating you, providing the accountability and the support you need. I am here to Empower You to Succeed.


How long will the coaching relationship last? 

The length of coaching depends on where you are in the dissertation process. Some clients come to me in the beginning stages of their doctoral program; others approach me for the final push. To get the most out of the process, I ask clients to commit to a minimum of three months of coaching.


How long it takes to complete your dissertation depends on multiple factors, making it impossible to tell without speaking with you.


What disciplines do you coach?

I coach all disciplines. My EdD is in Counseling Education; however, I have extensive experience in the educational process, organization, time management techniques, stress reduction, encouragement, and support.


Do you offer group coaching?

Yes. Group coaching is a valuable option and provides built-in peer support. This method pairs one coach with several students via telephone or video conference. Telephone coaching is an excellent way for students who have busy schedules to receive support from the comfort of their homes. Another benefit of group coaching is that you can accomplish more in less time and interact with students in different disciplines from different universities


You're hired! Now what?

Once we have agreed upon the time, frequency, and format of coaching (phone, Skype, or email), I will mail you a welcome package, including a coaching agreement. This agreement is so that both parties are clear on what is expected. You sign the contract and return it to me, and I will send you an invoice. Once the first payment has been received, the coaching process starts, and you are on your way to achieving and moving from ABD (All But Dissertation) to...A Completed Dissertation!


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