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 "Empowering You To Succeed "

Professional Consulting and Counseling

What's Inside SYCYAC?

First-generation African American college students' stories recounting their experiences with their high school counselor. The students' narratives will shock some and recall familiar encounters and feelings for others. 


After reading this book, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parents will better understand the needs of high school students and how to assist them as they plan for college.


One Student Said...

I sought help from my counselors a lot, but they always put me off and told me to come back later. Every time I came back, they were like, I'm too busy. I was always waiting while they sat in the office gossiping. (Brianna)


The Counselor Didn't

Fit, So She Quit

From The Playground

To Manhood

To Marry or Not To Marry?

Publisher: Empowering Books Publishing House

Format: Softcover

Size: 6 x 9

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